October 1, 2018

The Writer’s Lens - Interview 08: Brian Del Turco, Owner / Operator at LifeVoiceQuest - PART 1

Brian Del Turco is a fellow creative based in Cleveland who has a heart for emerging voices. His company, LifeVoiceQuest, works with aspiring authors who are looking to find their voice and project that voice into the world - a world that is constantly filling up with more and more voices by the moment. 

It's no secret by now that the Internet is filled with competing voices. And within those voices are content creators and big narratives. So it's easy to think we will lose ourselves in the midst of that storm. If we intend to fight with every cultural hot button or social movement, we'll get discouraged quickly. Then lose our voice altogether. 

In this discussion, Brian and I begin dialogue on the topic of #VoiceWars. What that might look like. How we have to be our own best advocates (especially when looking to make a dent in the marketplace of ideas). And why it's imperative to not let ourselves get lost in the vacuum. We need accountability. Even us crazy authors who work in solitude need a team, or at the very least, a group that can be our champions when we move forward. 

For more on Brian, you can check out the links to his work below. 

LifeVoiceQuest website: http://www.lifevoicequest.com/ 

Jesus Smart: The Podcast: http://www.jesussmart.com/ 

SubstanceTV: https://www.substancetv.org/ 

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