101 Dalmatians is a beloved Disney tale. And upon watching it again as an adult, I can say it's even more beloved. Why? Because of its portrayals of positive parenting, what a caustic marriage looks like, and on an even darker note, the underbelly of child trafficking. 

Don't think so? Well, take a listen with me and see if you agree. There's a lot to unpack and plenty of reasons to give this oldie but a goodie a second glance. Not 101 reasons, but at least a few. Enjoy! 

Clay Myatt is a new author and my latest guest on #TheWritersLens. His first foray into the book world brings a unique perspective: exploring the foundations of the most successful book series of all time: Harry Potter; while simultaneously referencing one of the most successful books ever written: the Bible

Together, we talk through what inspired him to write this particular book, why he chose to do it now, and what he hopes his readers will take from his work. 

Clay's book can be found online with most distributors but for a direct link to what he's been up to, you can head over to wipfandstock.com for the best details. 



Pinocchio is one of Disney's greatest animated films. And though it's been analyzed up and down for its themes of morality and lessons on life, there is one such perspective that has hit home for me personally - and happens to be the topic of this episode. 

A reflection episode on what (most) every creative feels when it comes to the content we create. As a storyteller, I believe we are all part of a bigger story. But how can we be most effective in that bigger story at play? 

Talking about one of my favorite A.I. films, I, Robot and more specifically, a scene where Sunny (the good robot), shares an exchange with V.I.K.I. (the bad robot) about her decision to lock up humanity so that it can no longer hurt itself. Considering the list of lockdowns we've endured during the pandemic, this one felt strangely relevant and in need of some deeper analysis and discussion. 

Going back to my teenage days and a popular show at the time. Tenchi Muyo! was a popular anime that caught my attention and has just recently been making the rounds again on social media. This is me diving into the source material and discussing how its main canon has come to a close and what I think of this old tale. 

Ah, Star Wars. The biggest, the baddest, and the most heavily distributed franchise that Hollywood has to offer. What could go wrong with that arrangement?!

Anyway, doing hindsight on one of the most influential and popular franchises might seem like a daunting task...And you'd be right - it absolutely is. But just for the sake of this channel and because I'm a glutton for punishment, here is a take on George Lucas' highly loved, highly watched, highly followed, oft-criticized, flagship series, Star Wars. 

Dinosaurs have been a fascination of human beings for a long time. They've inspired writers and creatives to imagine what life would be like if these massive creatures were still alive today. Perhaps the most well-known attempt to mainstream that idea is the franchise, Jurassic Park. Originally penned by the late Michael Crichton and later adapted for the big screen by Stephen Spielberg, Jurassic Park is a monster-sized film franchise. With five movies, novels, several video games, and countless amounts of toys and merchandise, Jurassic Park - if nothing else - is one of the most recognizable film series in the West. 

That being said, how has it done over the past 25 odd years? Is it still as fantastical as it was when it first premiered? Or is the franchise better going, er, extinct? Today's episode is a riff on what Jurassic Park could have been...in hindsight. 

Today's episode on Hindsight is 20/20 is the recently finished "MonsterVerse". With Godzilla vs. Kong officially released, the four-film series has come to a close. Or has it? Or better yet, should it be finished at this point? 

As a monster movie fan, I've been looking forward to all this giant-monkey-on-giant-lizard action. But does it conclude the series well? That's what #Hindsight is all about. 

#GodzillaVsKong #MonsterVerse

The Writer's Lens returns this spring with a new mini-series! 

For the next few (perhaps even more) episodes, I'll be riffing on some of my favorite franchises, films, and stories - doing so with the intent of reorganizing and analyzing what I thought worked; what didn't; and ultimately what could have been. 

So to cap things off, we'll be looking at the DC Extended Universe. Timely for me in the wake of the controversial #SnyderCut of the Justice League. Full disclaimer: any and all spoilers abound if I happen to touch on any. 

Welcome to The Writer's Lens alternate reality: the Hindsight is 2020 series. Emphasis on hindsight with hopefully some emphasis on good discussion too. Enjoy the first episode of this short mini-series I'll be working on over the next few weeks. 

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