As part of a short series I'll be doing this spring, here's the first "Stories I Like, I Love, and I Hate" - DINOSAURS edition. 

Ever since I was a kid, dinosaurs have piqued my interest. And it's evident that these long extinct creatures are still pinging the imaginations of young people around the world. 

With that in mind, I'd like to weigh in on some of my favorites and also one of the prominent franchises that nearly ruined it all for me. 

A livestream follow up to my 2021 episode about the Heroes and Villains of our own stories. In this live episode, I look at why we might have more in common with the villains of our favorite stories than the heroes we admire. 

Like the title implies, it's almost the end of January and I realized I needed an episode to kick things off. Get ready for some updates, looking ahead, and what to expect in 2022. 

We all want to be the heroes of our own stories. So how do we deal with those who come against us? Is it right that we make them into the villains of our own tales? Or are there other ways to deal with them? 

This episode deals with that idea head on and is as much a challenge for me as it is for any listener. 

James Cameron's sequel to "The Terminator", otherwise known as "T2", is virtually the same tale as its predecessor, minus one very important detail: the father-son relationship explored between said terminator and the rebellious teen-turned-leader of the human race, John Connor. 

In today's episode, we'll look at this crucial piece of the Terminator universe. And why it's the best part worth examining (outside of all the iconic catch phrases, of course). 

What is one's fate? What is one's destiny? These two ideas often run side-by-side in our culture and are also oft-presented as a means to direct someone's path. So what's the difference? And how does that affect us in our own stories? 

101 Dalmatians is a beloved Disney tale. And upon watching it again as an adult, I can say it's even more beloved. Why? Because of its portrayals of positive parenting, what a caustic marriage looks like, and on an even darker note, the underbelly of child trafficking. 

Don't think so? Well, take a listen with me and see if you agree. There's a lot to unpack and plenty of reasons to give this oldie but a goodie a second glance. Not 101 reasons, but at least a few. Enjoy! 

Clay Myatt is a new author and my latest guest on #TheWritersLens. His first foray into the book world brings a unique perspective: exploring the foundations of the most successful book series of all time: Harry Potter; while simultaneously referencing one of the most successful books ever written: the Bible

Together, we talk through what inspired him to write this particular book, why he chose to do it now, and what he hopes his readers will take from his work. 

Clay's book can be found online with most distributors but for a direct link to what he's been up to, you can head over to for the best details. 



Pinocchio is one of Disney's greatest animated films. And though it's been analyzed up and down for its themes of morality and lessons on life, there is one such perspective that has hit home for me personally - and happens to be the topic of this episode. 

A reflection episode on what (most) every creative feels when it comes to the content we create. As a storyteller, I believe we are all part of a bigger story. But how can we be most effective in that bigger story at play? 

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