March 12, 2018

The Writer’s Lens - E27: The Stigma Of “Daydreaming” And What It Means To A Creative

Is daydreaming a bad thing? Is it good? Even if you're not of the creative mindset, the label of 'daydreamer' can be a derogatory one. Such identifiers might include lazy, unfocused, undisciplined, immature, has "head in the clouds", to name a few. So, in short, nothing good. 

This episode was partially birthed from an interview I heard years ago on self-publishing. A self-published author was discussing her desire for a partner, aka husband, that understood how "staring off into space" didn't equate to disinterest. It merely meant that she could be working. She was sorting things out in her head. She was putting together ideas and scenarios. She was running through character arcs and settings. As a writer, I really resonated with that sentiment. Growing up, I had a tendency to drift off into my own little world. And honestly, I still do. We all do, to some extent. But, to put it bluntly: is that a good thing? 

Remembering that interview, I decided to take a stab at this concept and look at why someone - like myself - might be inclined to daydream. Does it foster more imagination? Does it eventually turn you into a doer and not just a thinker? Could it be considered work

In episode 27, I analyze my own life and see if there's been any growth (and truth) with regards to this idea. 


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