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Category: Society & Culture

Story is integral to the human experience. How, why, and what we project within a story reveals something in each of us. The Writer’s Lens is hosted by author, Josh “J.C.L.” Faltot and discusses publication, passion, opportunity, failure, and what it’s like to view the world through the guise of a writer.

The Writer’s Lens - E17: Should We Separate Art From The Artist?

December 7, 2017

Like the titles says, should we separate what someone creates from what they do in his or her personal life? Every day it seems like more people of influence are falling from grace in the public eye. And with that happening, should we turn our backs on what these people have contributed? Or is that not up for debate at all? 

Well, in this episode, I make a debate of it. Through the writer's lens, of course.