November 27, 2019

Narrative Wars 10: Should We ‘Bend the Knee’ to Our Critics?

The Narrative Wars returneth.... 

You may have never heard of Amelie Wen Zhao (or maybe you have?) but just in case you did or didn't, this episode was catalyzed by a recent ordeal involving the up-and-coming YA fiction writer. Ms. Zhao was the subject of some harsh criticism for her new book, Blood Heir, which hadn't even hit the shelves yet. Her book, as described by her earliest of critics, was said to be "racially insensitive" and was encouraged to the point of not releasing her book. Here's the catch though: many of her detractors had not even read the book. Apparently hearsay and a few buzzwords had caused many to take to the social media to block the Blood Heir release. Much talk and discussion over Zhao's ordeal followed. 

Yet after the social media mob settled, she decided to move forward with her book anyway and not give in to earlier pressures to not publish it. Her book was published mid-November 2019. 

This episode is an attempt to talk through artistic expression and how creatives can face a lot of external pressure - even before their idea is off the ground. 

Hope you enjoy. 

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