July 31, 2019

Narrative Wars 09: Why Is It So Hard To Change People’s Minds?

Ever have a conversation where you couldn't convince the other party of something? You have all the facts. You have all the information. But for whatever the reason, the other person just won't see things from your perspective. 

Never? Yeah, me neither (insert sarcasm).  

Changing someone's mind is hard. We aren't really as open as we'd like to think (cruel irony there, is it not?). New ideas can rock our worldview. And it can make for some rather uncomfortable situations if we're discussing them openly with another who thinks differently than us. 

From a writer's perspective, storytelling - effective storytelling - is a powerful means by which to change the course of someone's mindset. A great story can make someone aware of something he never knew or even cause him to consider making a 180 on his own thinking.

This episode of the #NarrativeWars is a deep dive so be sure to stick with me till the end. 

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