Do you feel that is true? Do you feel like it's not true? 

Whether we choose to admit it or not, our lives are entangled in bigger stories. In this episode, we'll explore the concept of a Macro-Narrative - the 'big picture'; and the Micro-Narrative - the individual's actual experience. 




This episode is all about Greed - another of the Seven Deadly Sins most commonly associated with a love of money. 

So, keeping that in mind, how might we avoid the pitfalls of becoming too "Greedy" with our creative works? Let's discuss and find out. 

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Welcome to the #NarrativeWars. 

There are stories happening all around us. And they are all competing for our attention. Some are explored in book or film format. Others are occurring in real time. And some walk the line between fiction and fact. 

In these shorter episodes, I'll be exploring some big (and small) narrative ideas; starting with the narrative of our own lives. What does that look like? Is my personal story true of whom I want to be? Or am I trying to be something else, driven by someone else's words?

These agreements can shape our identities. The story we are living can be out of a true self, or a false one. So with this episode, I start exploring this concept and why we latch onto certain narratives. 

Gluttony is yet another member of the seven deadly sins. A sin most commonly associated with eating excessively, but Gluttony can also be associated with chasing after status or symbols of status and power. So, keeping that in mind, how might 'gluttonous' actions cause our creative and / or writing ventures to get derailed? 

That's the focus of this episode, as well as being part of my continued exploration into how each of the seven deadly sins can hinder our writing and creative expression. 

And in case you missed it, I tackled Gluttony's close cousin, Envy, in a previous episode

Austin Gohn is the author of the (now available) book "A Restless Age: How St. Augustine Helps You Make Sense Of Your Twenties".

My interview with Austin focuses on his path to publishing as well as his individual story - what inspired him to write a book for young adults and why the words of St. Augustine find relevance even in the 21st century.

For more on Austin, you can visit or go to his Twitter account @austingohn

You may have heard of the seven deadly sins. There's Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Wrath, Sloth, and...Envy. Of those seven, I find Envy to be the least talked about. Or rather, it's the least recognized of the seven. In this solo episode, I talk about why I think Envy can be a major hindrance on our writing pursuits. 


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"A Mistaken Identity"

That's the name of Eric "EG" Graves' upcoming play, which will be featured at the Breen Performing Arts Center in Cleveland, OH on Saturday, March 23, 2019. I was fortunate to chat with Mr. Graves prior to the release and get his thoughts on playwriting and how he came to become one. 

My interview with EG expands upon the story of the man behind the play and what inspired him to come up with the name "Mistaken Identity". And as I discovered while interviewing Mr. Graves, one does not require a degree in performing arts, creativity or even writing to do something like this. Yet what one does require is a vision, a purpose, and some persistence.

Tickets for "A Mistaken Identity" can be found on their website

"Your Digital Voice Matters"

With so many voices out in the Internet space, it makes for a confusing and LOUD environment. The casual podcast surfer or YouTube searcher could be overwhelmed in mere moments. Who is worth listening to? Who is not? And if I feel I have a voice of my own, should I consider sharing that message with the world? Considering how many voices that are already out there?

In my round 2 discussion with fellow creative voice, Brian Del Turco, we delve into the dynamics of the "Digital Voice" age. And what that can mean for emerging voices who are considering putting their unique message out there.

Brian is the voice of Jesus Smart: The Podcast as well as being one-half the voice of SubstanceTV.

You can also find the full video interview over at YouTube

As a writer, I tend to handle criticism and feedback quite well. Nothing ever gets to me. There's no negative press I can't manage; no scathing review I can't brush off as nothing more than white noise.... 

...or I could just be lying to myself. 

If you've ever written a story - especially something you feel strongly about - and had someone give you a negative reaction, you've probably felt like me: crushed. You may consider never writing again. You think it'd be best if the world never heard your voice. Your message. Ever. 

That's a tough place to find one's self, but hey, you're not alone. Even the most seasoned of artists feel some pressure to appeal to their audiences. Yet putting our creative selves "out there" is only one part of the process; standing strong in the wave of responses is another. So, with this episode, I talk through some of the filters I've developed for dealing with the good, the bad, the ugly, and frankly, the apathetic.

And though you don't have to use any of my tactics or filters, what I do hope is that you find this particular episode to be encouraging in your own creative journey. 

David Ramos has been writing for years. He's published nearly two dozen books (thus far) and for his efforts, has built a small community of readers around him. He even has a new book on the way, Magnetic Faith, due out in March of 2019. 

But, David didn't just "fall into" publication. He sat down and made it happen. He learned what worked; he learned what didn't work. And let's be honest, he's still learning as he goes. 

And that's the theme of my next interview with David Ramos on The Writer's Lens - staying persistent and being disciplined about your goals. David and I discuss what it's like to face rejection and how we, as writers, grow and develop as we continue to put ourselves out there. It's a valuable life lesson and one that can't be ignored if one is to cultivate a life's work of writing and publishing. 

For more on David, you can check out the links below: 

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And P.S., don't forget that David has a new book coming out this year called Magnetic Faith. It will be available through Amazon for purchase. 

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