The Writer’s Lens - E8: Amazon, Big Brother, and Fake Reviews

September 20, 2017

As a bonus this week, I decided to talk briefly about the recent issue with Amazon and its dealings with fake book reviewers. Is it wrong to suddenly erase hundreds of reviews for a product? Or is it like Big Brother telling us what to think and how to act?

Certainly, there are arguments for and against this kind of thing. But, I will attempt to look at all sides of the issue. Because hey, I'm a writer. Reviews are important to me. As are the policies of one of the mega-giants of online shopping.  


The Writer’s Lens - E7: Trials and Takeaways

September 17, 2017

After my interview with Willie and Rachel Scott, co-authors of Better Than Blended, I had some time to digest and decompress many of the takeaways from our discussion. 

In this episode, I talk about the top 3 things I learned from my conversation with Willie and Rachel: how we pace ourselves as creatives, having a journey worth speaking to others about, and the trials and tribulations of finding someone who's walked where you have yet to.

And of course, none of which are all that easy to come by. 


The Writer’s Lens - Interview 01: Willie and Rachel Scott, authors of “Better Than Blended”

September 11, 2017
In this episode, I take a break from talking to myself as I bring two special guests to the Writer's Lens: Willie and Rachel Scott, co-founders of the Better Than Blended ministry and co-authors of "Better Than Blended: Taking Your Family From Surviving to Thriving".
During the interview, I ask Willie and Rachel how they manage running a business as husband and wife, what inspired them to write a book, and who mentored them in their efforts (or rather, who didn't!). You can find more about Willie and Rachel at

The Writer’s Lens - E6: You Wrote a Book, Now What?

August 27, 2017

Writing a book is hard. Telling people about your story can be even harder. In today's ever-changing and ever-shifting social media environment, aspiring authors - like myself - must be aware of what's available to them: blogging, vlogs, podcasts, to name a few.

For once the book is done, how does one go about telling others? What follows the completion of any story can feel just as daunting as what it did in its infant stages. 

But, if we are invested in what we've done, then we shouldn't be afraid to experiment and try something new. Set another goal; gather your resources; set a metric for what success will look like once you're done - these steps will help the aspiring author get past those tough times after the book is finished. 

And hopefully into the hands of an eager reader. 


The Writer’s Lens - E5: Progress Update

August 20, 2017

A short break in the norm this week. 

As much as I enjoy doing this podcast, it's important to take a moment and remember where I've come from. And where I want to be going. In this very short episode, I talk about some things I have going on as well as something I didn't think I'd actually get around to doing: this very podcast. 



The Writer’s Lens - E4: Rejection…Ugh

August 13, 2017

Rejection, rejection, rejection...

This week's episode deals with that very thing. And I'll be the first to say how difficult it is to just get through it. As an author, you find rejection all around you. Whether it be agents, publishers, friends - even family members - there are numerous times one finds himself in the position of being rejected. But, that's not the end of the story! 

With some persistence and perseverance, it's possible to keep moving forward. And in this episode I talk about my own personal revelation about pushing through all the potential pitfalls so many young creatives and aspiring authors face. 


The Writer’s Lens - E3: Working “Really Hard”

August 6, 2017

We've all heard that phrase at least one time in our life: "you just have to work really hard at what you're doing." It's a phrase that can send people off on long excursions only to return to where they started. 

As a writer, it's easy to think of "working hard" as simply putting the time in. Make my outline. Do my edits. Make sure you're writing 30 minutes a day. That all sounds well and good. But, what about our approach to these things? What are our expectations?

In this episode, I'll be tackling this topic as well as how my own sense of entitlement led me off the rails financially. And gave me a rather large wakeup call in the process. 


The Writer’s Lens - E2: Passion

July 30, 2017

Oh, passion, where art thou? Finding one's passion may seem like a simple thing, but often, we settle for other things that are close to our passions but aren't truly what makes us feel alive. In this week's episode, I'll be discussing my own revelations about passion and how it pertains to awakening one's passion as a writer. 


The Writer’s Lens - Pilot

July 17, 2017

Introducing the pilot episode of "The Writer's Lens", hosted by author, J.C.L. Faltot. 


In this podcast, I'll be discussing various topics such as passion, inspiration, publishing, beliefs, and even morality - all through the guise of a writer. 


The Writer’s Lens - E1: The Path to Being Published

July 17, 2017

In this episode, I'll be talking about my first experience with publishing. Namely, what it was like to publish my first book and the many mistakes I made therein. I will be touching on how social media has changed much of the landscape for would-be writers and authors; as well as agents and publishers alike.