January 22, 2019

The Writer’s Lens - Interview 10: Willie Scott, aka FOLD

When it comes to using the term, "creative", I'm still a newbie. I happen to think I'm creative (I'm a writer, after all) so tying those two concepts together isn't a problem. When it comes to other creative types, I - like many others - tend to recognize someone for a single gift: making a craft, making music, writing, etc. These all make up the "creative" part of our persona. But is that all we are made for? Just one facet of creativity? For sometimes we encounter someone who is not only creative in one area, but in several different venues too. 

Cue the guest of my next interview: Willie Scott, aka FOLD.

Willie is a return guest on The Writer's Lens and in addition to being one-half of Better Than Blended and co-founder of TKI Publishing, Willie is also a recording artist. He truly puts the idea of putting one's creative interests to work while simultaneously debunking the notion that we have to be so singularly focused on one aspect of our creativity, thus starving our other creative outlets. So in this interview, I explore with Willie all the dynamics that come with being an entrepreneur, a creative writer, a father, and a husband. 

This was a fun interview for Willie and me and I think you'll find it equally enjoyable. 

For more on Willie and his music, you can check out these links below: 

Better Than Blended - Website, Facebook, Instagram

TKI Publishing - Website, Facebook

Matlock and FOLD - Facebook

Matlock and FOLD - "Favor"
Matlock and FOLD - "ICIT - In Christ I Trust"
Matlock and FOLD - "Turn up"

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