January 24, 2018

The Writer’s Lens - E23: We All Wish We Could Be The Hero

Heroes. We all would like to think ourselves a hero in some regard. Or at the very least, try to recognize the heroes when we see them.

Stories and ancient myths do a good job of portraying what we might see as admirable and what we might deem as attractive when it comes to being labeled the "hero." As a storyteller, it's imperative that we get this right. There are principles by which all heroes aspire to. And there are behaviors they exhibit as well. But, does it translate well to our waking lives? 

In this episode, I talk about the monomyth or Hero's Journey, as coined by Joseph Campbell, and why it's so interesting (to me) and how we

a) love stories about heroes

b) look to our heroes for inspiration and

c) neglect to realize how few heroes there really are; and how much we may think we will rise to the occasion like our favorite heroes always do, but don't always do so

And if you happened to miss my last episode on Good versus Evil in story, you can check it out here

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